Traditional Breakfast Sausage 454g (16oz)

Donnelly’s famous Irish Sausages made in the USA using ingredients imported from Ireland. We only use select pork primal cuts such as pork shoulder, never using trimmings or other offcuts. Irish produced and baked rusk is used to give our sausages its perfect texture. Our own spices have been blended in Ireland since Donnelly Bacon and Sausages first appeared in Dublin.

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Rusk, (WHEAT Flour), Salt, Spices, Dextrose, Herbs, Sodium Ascorbate, Colagen Casing. Allergens: WHEAT.

Made in the USA using Irish ingredients.

Traditional Breakfast Sausage Nutrition Facts

Packaging: Foam tray, clear shrink wrap, label applied.
Item Stock number: wspi201
Item UPC: 760091502011
Case GTIN: 50760091012010
Case Dimensions: 16x7x12
Case cube: .778
Item dimensions: 8×5.75×1.5
Case Count: 12 per case
Pallet Count: 98
Tracking Info: Lot Number

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